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The painter Martin Köster is one of the up-and-comers in the art scene. His pictures show a variety of ​​wet streets: lights and reflections dance on buildings and cars. The viewer is pulled into the vanishing point of the pictures. By contrasting dark buildings and glaring lights, Köster creates a captivating scene.

In 2019, Köster’s works will be in exhibitions all over the world. New York, London, Hamburg, Hong Kong and Singapore are just a few of the numerous venues exhibiting his works.

Martin Köster was born in Germany in 1988, where he also studied and lives today. Köster soon recognized his affection for symmetry. “My style of interior design is very symmetrical, as I buy pieces of furniture in sets to create a symmetrical room”. Köster finally found this symmetry in the motive of cityscapes: buildings that tower on either side of the street. “In my pictures I try to abstract this symmetry. It should not immediately catch the eye of the observer. But if you look closely, you will find symmetry in each and every one of my works. ”

“Even if the themes of my paintings have a certain similarity, to me, every picture is unique and somehow different from the others. I am always happy to explore a new city and if I find exiting cityscapes, I paint them. Hopefully, I will be able to spend many more years painting the cities of our world”.