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Classification of the works Martin Köster, Jeremy Mann, James Kroner and Lindsey Kustusch:

The works of Martin Köster are located in the field of contemporary art and can be compared with the works of Jeremy Mann, James Kroner and Lindsey Kustusch.

The style of Kösters cityscapes can be described as much clearer than the cityscapes of Jeremy Mann. Extremely strong transitions are also rare in Kösters works. Lights and reflections are less common. Each light therefore has its own effect in the paintings of Köster. If you want to buy Jeremy Mann or Martin Köster cityscapes, you should consider that both artist paint often very dark. Therefore you have to choose the right room and the right light for the paintings.


James Kroner and the paintings by Köster have many similarities in color. However, the style is very different: James Kroner is much more realistic with clear monochrome surfaces.

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The cityscapes by Lindsey Kustusch are also similar to the works of Martin Köster. Lindsey Kustusch paint more cityscapes in daylight. The mood is friendlier than in Kösters works.

It can be seen that Martin Köster, Jeremy Mann, James Kroner and Lindsey Kustusch share the same dedication to the motive of the Cityscapes. All these artists stand out because of their extraordinary style. If you look closely, you can see how these artists have inspired each other and are developing together.

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